Kingdom Principles for young girls
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Awareness Programs for Young Women

Awareness Programs for Young Women

Daughters of Power is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to empower young women between the ages of 12 and 19 and help them understand their aspirations in life and their destiny. We’re a self-help and fundraising organization established in 2004.


About Us

Daughters of Power is here to introduce you to the real you. We are here to help you figure out who you are, why you are here, and help you discover the purpose of your life. We’re here to remind you that everyone on this earth is created with a purpose.

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.”

What We Are Doing

At Daughters of Power, we are mentoring young girls on various aspects of life.

  • Purpose & destiny.
  • Self-worth and building self-esteem.
  • The power of words.
  • Managing your thoughts.
  • Setting goals - the making of champions.
  • Life skills & discipline in life.
  • Mind management - the power of your thoughts.
  • Time management/vision board

The Journey of Purpose

At Daughters of Power, we believe that you are not here by accident. There is something within you that the world needs, and we are here to take you on a journey that will lead you to find and fulfill your purpose in life.

This journey begins by first looking at you from the inside out. You need to go with the feelings that come from within and not be moved or controlled by your environment and other outside forces.

You need to practice to stay motivated by always staying positive and removing negative people from your life and people who try and stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

The Purpose of Life

Our purpose is here to stir up the gifts and talents that you were born with despite your current situation. You must remember that greatness is within you, and you just have to discover it. Surround yourself with people who will celebrate you, motivate you, and who will push you into the direction of your purpose.

Strive for excellence in every area of your life and begin your journey by constantly asking yourself questions about the things you do daily and the result of all of your actions. There is a result of every action that we make.

We must make sure that those actions do not result in anything that places us further away from our purpose. Remember that real power comes from knowing who you are and your true self-worth. Figuring out who you are is the first step to discovering your purpose.


D.O.P. Magazine: Daughters


We specialize in teaching ‘kingdom’ values for societal transformation.

Our Focus

  • Awareness about life purpose and destiny in today's society.
  • Highlight the crucial role your attitude plays in the development of character.

Our Goals

At Daughters of Power, we want to instill excellence and discipline as a part of your daily lives, which will help you develop three unique characteristics naturally.

  • Authenticity.
  • Relevance.
  • Magnetism.

Topics We Cover


We help youngsters to understand the purpose of relationships and how to recognize destructive relationships. We also bring awareness on purpose because when the purpose of a person or a thing is not known, then abuse becomes inevitable.

Honing Skills & Knowledge for Teens

  • Right from young designers, young chefs, to the young entrepreneurs, we focus on teen talent every month.
  • We also support journalism dreams by letting teens submit articles for the ‘Teen Speaks Corner.’
  • We also focus on health and fitness from the standpoint that your body is your temple.
  • Learn how to handle peer pressure.

Recent Projects Far Above Rubies Celebration

A dozen of our volunteers, along with some of our staff, come forward to celebrate the success of the girls.


Activities We Conduct

  • Mind management - How to manage your thoughts.
  • Creation of vision boards.
  • Self-improvement workshops.
  • Museums and theme park outings.
  • Camping trips.
  • Group dinners and movie nights.
  • Individual mentorship.
  • Career building workshops.
  • Charm school - proper social and personal etiquette.
  • Debutante ball.
  • Mentoring at Crenshaw High School - Girl talk.

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